About Karl K. Maier

Karl Maier brings more than three decades of experience growing companies and outperforming their competition. 

He has been part of successful management teams with results including:

  • Growing revenue in an industrial distribution company by 5X in three years to $15 million,

  • Growing revenue in a health safety services company by 7X in four years to $7 million, and

  • Doubling several consulting clients' revenues in two years.

Having worked in companies in all stages including software startups (co-founder), middle market firms and huge international companies gives him an added level of insight.  

​Karl has worked in industries including SaaS, software, distribution, industrial services, transportation, manufacturing, health care, fabrication, professional services, retail, and Wall Street finance. He has travelled and worked in over 20 countries on all the populated continents.

He has over thirty years of experience bringing together all aspects of companies including sales, marketing, operations, systems, programming, finance, accounting, personnel, and acquisitions. At various times he has held professional certifications in accounting, turnaround management, business valuations, as well as securities licenses.

Karl received both his B.A. in Economics his MBA concentrating in Entrepreneurship and Information Systems from Rice University in Houston, Texas. 



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