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Surfing Economic Chaos


Are you confused and overwhelmed with the strange combination of news you are seeing about the economy?  


Are you worried that the U.S. government is going to crash the economy?  


Do you wonder how labor shortages, inflation and rising interest rates are going to affect your company?  


Is there any end to this economic chaos anytime soon? 


Surfing Economic Chaos will help you to:

  • Make sense of what is happening in the world economy 

  • Understand how these changes will affect the American economy for the next decade

  • Learn five ways to take advantage of the changes in the economy for your business

  • Gain three ways to adapt your business as the economy shifts to the new Post-Globalization Era

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How Your Business Can Prosper from in the New Era!

Every century or so either a new empire has taken over from an old empire or the old one just collapses. One of these transitions happened at the end of World War II when the U.S. set up a system to oppose the Soviet Union during the Cold War. This time the situation is a bit different. The post-WWII system is collapsing, but America is still the strongest economy in the world despite some people’s concerns about China catching up with the United States.

Seeing this transition to a Post-Globalization Era has made writing this book crucial for helping companies deal with the challenges and opportunities it presents.  
The core point this book makes is that the world is going through a massive change in the way the world economy works.


This book will encourage you to think critically about new possibilities. When you look at the evidence for different options, create a hypothesis, find ways to test the theory, learn from the test and adjust your approach based on what you learn. The purpose of learning isn't to affirm our beliefs, it's to evolve our beliefs. Consider Amazon’s statement that “It’s Always Day One”.  Be careful not to let the past guide you into assumptions that no longer make sense.

Seeing this transition to a Post-Globalization Era has made writing this book crucial for helping companies deal with the challenges and opportunities it presents.  


This book is specifically designed to condense decades of experience adapting companies to changing market conditions into a concise and readable tool to help small and middle-market companies to succeed in a challenging world. This map of the book is designed to help you effectively use this book as an ongoing tool.

Surfing Economic Chaos Book Flow.jpg

  • Section 1 presents a summary of the change the world is facing, why they are important and why they are already cast in stone.

  • Section 2 breaks down the situation America is facing, why America will be OK and why this situation provides opportunities for entrepreneurs.

  • Section 3 gives you the 5 key steps to identifying the opportunities and threats for your business and guides you through the planning process to seize these opportunities.

  • Section 4 equips you with the three tools to continue to adapt your business to the ongoing changes and challenges you will face as you surf the economic chaos.


The changes in the world are forcing everyone to rethink the way the economy works. Some parts of America will face stagflation, but other parts, like Texas and Florida are far more likely to only face inflation. Some industries will face challenges due to labor shortages while others, like software, are likely to have better access to workers. People running businesses are going to have to find new ways to think about the world and build new habits to run their companies. This book can be a tool to help companies to re-evaluate the opportunities. 

Even with all of the change and chaos in the economy, this book can help companies in many situations. Some companies will be growing rapidly and seeking approaches to continue their growth without losing control. Other companies will be stuck or declining due to challenges in dealing with the changing economy and be seeking tools to restart their growth. Yet other companies will be in severe cash shortfall positions or have a bank loan called and be in need of a rapid turnaround. All of these situations are consistent with the use of the tools in this book.

Are you ready to stop being the chess piece being pushed around the board and to become the chess player directing your business? If so, it’s time to get ahead of the crowd and start surfing economic chaos!

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