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Creating a management system is critical for growing your business from a small group to a more valuable company with dozens or hundreds of people.

Abunden provides guidance on building a plan to reach your goals. Your plan will help you navigate the challenges of creating the organization and maintaining effective communications to reach your goals.



Improving your management and motivation skills are rooted in habits.

Small changes in your habits can result in significant improvements in your team’s performance.

  • Is the feedback you provide changing behaviors?

  • Are you building the habits you want to build?

Sales and Marketing

Getting leads and closing sales are critical to the growth of a business.

How are you evaluating your sales and marketing activities?

  • How are you telling your story to the market?

  • Are you seeing the closing rates you deserve?

Sales and Marketing


Running operations can be complicated for all types of business from services and software to distribution and manufacturing.

What could you do to improve your quality and customer satisfaction?

  • Are your operations a competitive advantage for you?

  • Do you know which customers are losing you money?

Finance and Exit Planning

Financial and accounting questions can be confusing for many business owners.

The wide range of financing options, constantly changing economic environment and new rules and regulations can make this part of the business an extra challenge.

  • What is the best indicator of success for your business?

  • What can you do to prepare to sell your business?

Finance and exit planning

"I benefited from your insights more than you can know.

I owe you, big time."

Tom Klos, Owner, Caliber Patient Care

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