Why We Serve

  • Abunden makes working lives better by letting people focus on the activities they love to do in order to provide exceptional products and services to their customers.

Who We Serve

​Abunden focuses on:

  • Investor-backed or owner-operated companies,

  • Companies starting with between 15 and 150 employees,

  • Companies with serious plans to grow sales and profits rapidly, and

  • In industries including SaaS, app-enhanced services, software, services, manufacturing and industrial distribution.

How We Serve

  • For investor-backed companies, Abunden provides CEO services,

  • For owner-operated companies, Abunden provides Integrator of Sales, Operations and Finance services,

  • Services can be provided on an interim, fractional or full-time basis.


  • Increase the growth in revenue, quality measures and return to investors,

  • Freeing visionary founders from the burden of routine administrative and management duties, and

  • Historically, results have been 2X to 4X better than the competition in revenue growth and return on invested capital.



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