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Management Operating System

Build your business so it runs itself

Growing beyond a startup with a handful of people is a tough balancing act. How do you keep sales growing, hire and train new people and make sure quality products and services are still delivered to your customers?

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Workshop Your Way to Less Stress

Workshops to guide you through key management

  • Motivation by Sharing Your Plans

  • Organization to Reach Your Goals

  • Adapt Your Plan with Management Meetings

  • Getting Things Done through Supervision

  • Processes for Repeatable Profits

  • Training Your Team for Quality Results

Cost-Effective Workshop Series


Summary Business Plan

  • Motivation starts with "Why".

  • Learn how to use a mission to get people motivates.

  • Understand how your people can make decisions like you do with values.

  • Communicate your goals to your team so they can help you get there!


More Than an Org Chart

  • Build your team to effectively run your business and reduce your stress.

  • Use simple tools to clearly assign responsibilities to your team.

  • Extend your teams responsibilities to include what decisions they can or cannot make.


Management Meetings

  • Learn how to consistently identify opportunities and challenges before they become problems

  • Use proven processes to prioritize and discuss issues

  • Make discussions more productive with tools for discussion leaders


Supervisor Training

  • Improve employee attitude, productivity and delegation effectiveness with supervisor tools.

  • Learn how regular 1on1 improve morale and productivity for your entire team.

  • Gain a complete tool set for delegation, feedback and assessment.


Process Management

By using a virtual format for the half-day monthly meetings, the group is more geographically diverse and cost-effective. Using the latest tools for managing virtual meetings, the group is able to achieve many of the benefits typically associated with an in-person meeting.


Training Your Team

Executive coaching and peer advisory groups have important roles to play in helping leaders make better decisions and live better lives.  Speaker Workshops expose leaders to technology trends, best business practices, changing tax law, etc.  That’s the value of a speaker workshop. 

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