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Real Profit Opportunities

Expand Your Opportunities

Jordan's services company used the planning program in 2021 and 2022 to identify a new software business model. The new business model has the potential to increase sales by $2,000,000 and increase profits by $400,000.

Expand Your Capacity

Maria's health care company implemented the Abunden management operating system in 2017 which resulted in less stress from managing operations. Their sales had been flat for several years through 2017, but grew by over $1,100,000 by 2019.

Expand Your Profits

Fernando's chemical company used Abunden's advisory services to navigate bank foreclosure, a fire and supply problems in 2021 and 2022. Abunden guided them to exit a market and change  pricing so they could grow quickly in 2023.

Find Your Profitable Opportunities

Analyzing your Customer / Product mix for profit contribution can uncover a wide range of opportunities. The opportunities include price improvements, product mix enhancement, customer risk reduction and identifying profitably growth opportunities. This approach often improves profits by 2% to 4% of sales.

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Manage Your Growth

A management system is a powerful set of tools manage a company as it grows beyond the ability of one person to keep track of everything happening. The Abunden Framework© management system reduces manager stress and improves your bottom line!

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Abunden's Impact

Gain perspective on the opportunities from the massive changes in the world and US economy.

Find opportunities for your business  to profit from the huge changes in the American economy.

Reduce the stress and risks of profiting from these opportunities as your organization grows.

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Typical Agenda

  8:00 am     Zoom Room Opens: Informal Catchup

  8:30 am     Meeting Starts: Introductions & Sign-in

  9:00 am     Monthly Focused Topic by Karl Maier

10:00 am     Communications Break

10:15 am     Discussions & Issues by Jay Curry

11:15 am     Meeting Pros / Deltas

11:30 am     Meeting Adjourns

Abunden Compared to Other Roundtable Groups

Large Groups
Pros / Cons


Are you striving to go from good to great in your business?

Or struggling to maintain profitable growth?

Abunden's packaged services help you capitalize on profitable opportunities.
We can also connect you to peer advisory groups for ongoing support.

Customer / Product Profit Workshop

Increase profit by over $200K on a typical $10 million sales company by identifying the real costs and profits of servicing each product for each customer. The workshop guides you in identifying opportunities and create practical strategies to improve profits.

Management Operating System Workshop Series

Reduce your stress, improve employee retention and grow your business. Learn to use a full suite of management techniques with this series of workshops. Get hands on guidance to grow your business.  Best for companies with 10 to 50 people.

CEO Peer Advisory Roundtable Groups

Get insights and perspectives from peer CEOs in your region as well as decades of experience from our two group facilitators, Jay Curry and Karl Maier. The roundtables leverage the best of virtual meetings and semi-annual gatherings.

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