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CEO Peer Advisory Groups

The changes begin when the meetings end

The CEO Leaders Forum is a peer advisory group of business leaders, owners, and heirs apparent who recognize the value of a confidential, advisory group of like-minded business owners. Group members are guiding companies with revenue ranging from $2mm to $50mm. This unique roundtable is designed for growth minded CEOs, Presidents, and their heirs apparent.

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Perspectives AdobeStock_98346721.jpeg

Multiple Perspectives

A peer advisory group gives members access to a sounding board of 10 to a maximum of 14 high-performing CEOs, business owners, and key executives. Peer advisory groups provide caring and unbiased, but honest input on tough questions. A member presenting an issue to be discussed can expect a wide range of alternatives including suggestions on how to implement. Better decisions come from better choices and better choices come from unbiased, experienced input. This is the value of peer advisory groups.

Key Differentiators


Multiple Facilitators

With two highly experienced meeting facilitators, Jay W. Curry and Karl K. Maier, the group brings a deeper perspective to every group member.  Two facilitators create a broader and deeper discussion while processing member issues and bringing out options and alternatives.


Virtual Format Plus

By using a virtual format for the half-day monthly meetings, the group is more geographically diverse and cost-effective. Using the latest tools for managing virtual meetings, the group is able to achieve many of the benefits typically associated with an in-person meeting.


Speaker Workshops

Executive coaching and peer advisory groups have important roles to play in helping leaders make better decisions and live better lives.  Speaker Workshops expose leaders to technology trends, best business practices, changing tax law, etc.  That’s the value of a speaker workshop. 

Meeting Facilitators

With two meeting facilitators, the members receive a greater depth of perspective and content.

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Meeting Facilitator

Jay W. Curry

As a Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Jay works with business leaders seeking to make better decisions and live better lives through group facilitation, one-on-one coaching, focused Mastermind groups and the Symposium for Innovative Growth.

Jay co-founded the Texas Business Radio and is a former Big-4 consulting partners and Vistage Master Chair. He is the lead author of three best-selling books on computers and an award winning novelist.

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Content Curator

Karl K. Maier

As an experienced business advisor, Karl works with business leaders by helping them envision the economic and business future for their company.  Karl has a strong background in practical economics, finance, systems, cost accounting and management.

Karl co-founded two software companies and was part of a number of rapidly growing companies with 7 and 8 digit revenues. He previously held licenses including a CPA, CVA, and various securities licenses.

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We will fulfill our mission by:

•    Acting as an advisory board to our fellow members;

•    Providing a “safe haven” for problem solving;

•    Offering relationship building opportunities;

•    Enhancing business wisdom and fostering the use of best practices; and

•    Introducing new business prospects to members and facilitators.

We commit ourselves to a code of conduct and values that include:

•    Being open and candid in our interactions;
•    Respecting each member’s need for confidentiality;
•    Promoting and supporting personal and professional growth;
•    Treating members and guests with professional courtesy, dignity and respect;
•    Actively participating in meetings and discussions;
•    Providing, as well as accepting, business guidance and advice;
•    Sharing best practices in our respective areas of expertise;
•    Encouraging member interactions outside of the formal meetings; and
•    Not missing more than three meetings per year for unexcused reasons.

Planning Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash.jpg

Typical Agenda

  8:00 am     Zoom Room Opens: Informal Catchup

  8:30 am     Meeting Starts: Introductions & Sign-in

  9:00 am     Monthly Focused Topic by Karl Maier

10:00 am     Communications Break

10:15 am     Discussions & Issues by Jay Curry

11:15 am     Meeting Pros / Deltas

11:30 am     Meeting Adjourns

Sample Monthly Focus Topics

  • Behavioral feedback

  • 1on1 meetings

  • Process analysis

  • Business Valuations

  • Limits of authority

  • Structured management meeting

  • Business model canvas

  • Break even analysis

  • 80/20 customer analysis

  • Economic update (outside speaker)

  • Tax update (outside speaker)

  • Product level profitability

  • Personnel assessment tools

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