A Big Decision Can Make or Break Your Whole Year

Get community, feedback, and accountability from other business owners in a CEO Peer Advisory Group.

Add the Abunden PeerNine© advisory program to
reach your business goals.

Feeling Alone When Making Big Decisions?

  • Do your employees really bring you unbiased options?

  • Are you worrying your family when discussing issues?

  • Who can you talk to that understands your pain?

Be Part of a Group of Like-Minded CEOs

  • Exchange ideas with CEO peers who have been there.

  • Avoid hidden problems in your big decisions.

  • Grow the value of your business faster.

Owner-Operator Peer Groups

  • Recharge your attitude at retreats in resorts locations.

  • Save drive time with virtual monthly meetings.

  • Grow your business value with facilitated discussions.

  • Learn from outside speakers and curated content.

  • Get support, ideas, and accountability from peers.

Karl Maier

Karl Maier

Over the past three decades, Karl has been part of both rapid growth and the unnecessary implosion of several family owned companies.  

Guiding other companies to bypass these avoidable hardships is his motivation to provide effective advisory options.

Karl brings valuable perspectives based on a wide range of experiences in rapidly growing owner-operated companies.

Karl loves working with companies that want to grow their business value.

Jay Curry

Jay Curry

Jay has deep advisory experience including being a Big-4 consulting partner at two different firms and a Vistage Master Chair for 13 years.

He also co-founded and successfully operated Texas Business Radio.

He is the lead author of three best-selling books on computers and an award winning novelist.

Agop Karagoz

Agop Karagoz

Agop has over a decade of experience in the economic and business planning field.

His education includes a Masters Degree in Economics.

He supports the business value cohorts within the meetings and through planning processes.

Three Easy Steps for You

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"Abunden helped fix a broken foundation that was impeding any effective growth."

Diego Ramirez, Owner, Stroke Scan Plus

"The night and day difference between before and after joining the Abunden group doesn’t get brought up enough."

Mark Vlaskamp, Managing Director, The Folde

"Thanks for taking our company
to another level."

Tania Dawood, Partner, Oaks Staffing

At Abunden we know that you want to unleash your CEO potential. In order to do that, you need feedback from people you respect. The problem is how do you find a group of people with the right experiences and attitudes to make you feel you are not alone so you can share your experiences.

We believe sharing experiences and being held accountable leads to building better businesses. We understand how lonely it can be leading your company, which is why we bring our decades of management experience in similar companies to bear on your issues.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Schedule a call with our founder or visit a free mini roundtable.

  2. Participate in a virtual peer advisory roundtable meeting.

  3. Attend a planning retreat to recharge and re-focus.

So, schedule a call to see if an Abunden peer advisor group is a fit for you. So your can stop feeling alone and stressed and instead have a plan to increase your business value.

And in the meantime, check out our YouTube channel for stories about managing businesses like yours.

Grow with a Community of Peers

Want even more? The Abunden PeerNine© advisory program will give you the structure to reach your business goals.

Take seven minutes to get feedback from our powerful Abunden PillarFive Assessment.

Rock Your Results

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