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Turnaround Guidance

Unfortunately, companies sometimes find themselves stressed due to a shortage of cash. Karl brings cash management, negotiation and profit improvement skills to get companies out of tight spots.

Turnaround Certification

Bankruptcy courts are required to confirm that turnaround advisors are certified in a Chapter 11 reorganization process. Karl's Certified Turnaround Associate (CTA) certificate has allowed him to be approved by a bankruptcy court to help a company get out of bankruptcy.

Writing an application
Happy Businessman

Impossible Turnaround

A $5 million company was told by the judge and both bankruptcy attorneys that they were too small to make it through the Chapter 11 reorganization process. Karl guided the company step-by-step through the process of getting to cash flow positive, keeping vendors and clients, keeping their line of credit, and finding a capital source to finance their successful exit from bankruptcy.

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