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Join one of our CEO roundtable groups to
connect with like-minded leaders and
gain the insight you need to thrive.

Lack of Community Causes Mistakes

Are you a CEO who is feeling stress and isolation when making critical decisions? 
Who can you talk to about your challenges and concerns?

Community of Peers

Without a supportive peer group, CEO decision making effectiveness is impaired.

Insight on Your Issues

Perspective is essential for identifying options and solving problems.

Curated Content

Access to current thoughts on all aspects of management improves your business.

Experienced Guides for Your Journey 

Jay and Karl bring many decades of combined experience guiding companies through complex situations.  They will guide your group meetings, facilitate issue processing and curate content.  Join a community where you can safely share your concerns and receive valuable feedback and perspective from your peers.

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How Our Roundtables Work

How our CEO Peer Advisory Roundtables work.

  • Monthly virtual roundtables to reach a wider geographic group of companies, typically with $2 million to $20+ million in sales.

  • Curated tools to make online feel more like in-person.

  • Half day meetings to thoroughly discuss your issues and get feedback in a safe, facilitated environment.

  • Professionally curated content in separate presentations with outside experts which you can view live or later on the member portal.

  • Semi-annual, in-person strategy and planning events at fun locations to build trust and relationships among the group members.

Three Steps to Joining Your Tribe

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No Overlap

Have a qualification conversation with a group facilitator to avoid member industry overlap and answer your questions. 


Visit a Peer Group

Visit a group meeting to see if it is a fit for you. Groups meet monthly for a half a day virtually. In-person events are typically twice a year at a fun location.


Community Benefits

Join the group and begin enjoying the benefits of being part of a peer advisory community. It's easy to get started!

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Schedule a Call to Visit a Roundtable

We will send you an email so we can schedule a call to setup a roundtable visit.

An email is being sent with next steps.

Isolation Brings Stress and Bad Decisions 

Isolation and Stress Cause Errors

Group members are able to reduce the stress and poor decision making that comes with isolated management and lack of perspective. What is the cost of not joining a peer advisory roundtable group?

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We will fulfill our mission by:

•    Acting as an advisory board to our fellow members;

•    Providing a “safe haven” for problem solving;

•    Offering relationship building opportunities;

•    Enhancing business wisdom and fostering the use of best practices; and

•    Introducing new business prospects to members and facilitators.

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Find Your Tribe and Succeed

Build long-term relationships with other CEOs.

  • Reduce stress from isolation and have fun!

  • Acting as an advisory board to our fellow members;

  • Gain insights and perspective with your active participation.

  • Be part of a your tribe to share successes and discuss issues.

Because everyone should belong to a tribe!

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