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Boosting Your Profits by 2% of Sales for Companies in the Industrial or Energy Supply Chain

Abunden is a six-year-old company that uses data to find hidden profits and develop strategies for companies in the industrial and energy supply chain. 

Abunden leverages their CFO and info systems background to dramatically improve profits for funding acquisitions, fueling rapid growth and enabling turnarounds.

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With Abunden:

More Profitably Sales and Operations

Leverage Abunden's transaction-level data analysis to find and exploit hidden profit opportunities.

Without Abunden:

Lost Profits and Opportunities

What sales and margin improvement opportunities are you missing without the Abunden data, analysis and guidance?

When You Need Abunden



Private equity groups and other active acquirers use Abunden's deep analysis tools to find hidden profits which justify the purchase price and show how the investment can pay back the debt and equity.


Rapid Organic Growth

Fuel faster growth with internally generated cash flow by identifying your hidden profits. Use the detailed data in your business systems to sell at higher margins and operate more efficiently.



Get more gross margin quickly to turn around your fortunes and improve your cash flow. Abunden brings experience and analysis to guide you out of tight cash flow situations and return to profitability.

Profit Improvement


How Abunden Finds More Profits for You

1. Connect to Your CRM, HR, Acco, ERP Systems

2. Collect and Analyze Transaction Level Data
3. Analyze Data to Find Hidden Profits
4. Present Findings to Management
5. Agree on Tactics to Grow Profits
6. Track Implementation Progress
7. Realize and  Maintain New Profit Level!!! 

Karl Maier

Karl Maier has found new profits and financing for business including private equity backed and family owned businesses ranging up to hundreds of million in sales.

He has guided lower middle market companies through rapid growth, turnarounds and financial restructuring. 

Over the course of his career, Karl has:

  • Decades of energy and industrial sector experience

  • Full-time CFO for two rapidly growing companies

  • Corporate and investment bank transaction experience

  • Started career at EY Consulting; CPA for 30 years

  • Certified Turnaround Analyst and valuation certifications

  • MBA and his B.A. in Economics from Rice University

  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
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Diego Ramirez, Owner, Stroke Scan Plus

"Abunden helped fix a broken foundation that was preventing growth or the sale of the business."
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