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Persuading Bankers and Investors to Fund Your Acquisitions, Rapid Growth, and Turnarounds

Abunden is a six-year-old Project CFO company that helps small and mid-sized companies in the industrial and energy supply chain secure debt or equity investments for acquisitions, rapid growth, and turnaround situations.

Our experts provide perspective and strategy based on both numbers and years of experience to close acquisitions and raise funding faster. 

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With Abunden:

Better Terms and Faster Deals

Close your transactions faster and with better options and more confidence by leveraging Karl’s project CFO services.

Without Abunden:

More Stress and Uncertain Results

What opportunities are you missing without Karl’s decades of experience and comprehensive financial models?

When You Need Abunden



Get the money you need to acquire a company. We have worked with independent sponsor private equity groups, geographic expansion and expansion to gain new customers and product lines.


Rapid Organic Growth

Maintain your rapid organic growth without the stress and risk of running out of cash.  Fund your rapid growth to pay for the equipment expenses, accounts receivable and inventory.



When you are running out of cash with customers and lenders demanding payments, you need funding, experience and a strategy. Abunden provides all three to get you back on track.

Funding Process


How Abunden Helps You Get Your Money

1. Collect Data and Assess Situation
2. Build Strategy for Funding
3. Run Projection Scenarios
4. Build the Presentation
5. Talk to Capital Sources
6. Get Your Money!!! 

Karl Maier

Karl Maier has worked with independent sponsored private equity and corporate acquirers on transactions ranging up to $200 million in enterprise value.

He has also guided lower middle market companies through turnarounds and financial restructuring. 

Over the course of his career, Karl has:

  • Corporate and investment bank transaction experience

  • Setup FINRA registration for boutique investment bank

  • Full-time CFO for two rapidly growing companies

  • Started career at EY; CPA for 30 years

  • Certified Turnaround Analyst and valuation certifications

  • MBA and his B.A. in Economics from Rice University

  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
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Latest Posts

Diego Ramirez, Owner, Stroke Scan Plus

"Abunden helped fix a broken foundation that was preventing growth or the sale of the business."
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