Rock Your Results

with CEO Retreats and Roundtables.

Join a group of like-minded, CEO peers who share their challenges and experiences to transform their businesses.

Ready to get the feedback and accountability to rock your results?

Group of CEOs in a peer advisory group discussion

What is Holding You Back?

  • Do you feel isolated and stressed by key decisions?

  • Is your company as profitable as it should be?

  • Are you growing sales as fast as you expected?

  • Which people on your team are stressing you out?

Being part of a group of like-minded CEOs provides the community and support needed to explore possibilities and perspectives that not available alone.

Leverage the experience of your peers and group facilitator to build a better business and personal life for yourself.

Unbeatable Value and Results

Unbeatable Value and Results

  • Our combo of offsite retreats and virtual, monthly peer groups make better use of your time.

  • Curated content to develop your four crucial systems: Sales, Operations, Finance and Management.

  • Focus on building your business value.

Join a community of like-minded CEOs to reduce your stress and gain accountability from your peers.

Best of Both Worlds

You benefit from the time savings of virtual meetings in our monthly peer advisory roundtables.

You get the benefit of human connection during our in-person in our offsite planning retreats. - in fun, relaxing locations.

Gain new perspectives

Gain New Perspectives

Abunden roundtables bring you new perspectives from your peers and a wide range of curated business content through our group discussions.

Our content focuses on the core of your business: Sales and Marketing, Operations, Financial and Managing People.

Gain new insights in story format.

Build Management Habits

Regular meetings to hold you accountable for building great management habits.

Great management leads to great companies and higher business values.

Some of our members have increased their value by 5X.

Are you ready to build your business value?

Building Management Habits
Walking in your shoes

We Have Walked in Your Shoes

With Abunden, our facilitators have decades of real world experience to share with our groups.

We have run businesses, dealt with family members, answered to investors, closed sales, managed people, and been responsible for meeting payroll.

We understand what you are going through.

Karl Maier

Karl Maier

Karl has been in CEO, COO and CFO roles for three family-owned and two small, investor-backed companies.  

Several of these businesses have grown rapidly. One grew sales 7X in four years and another grew sales 5X in three years with profits growing even faster.

Karl brings a wide range of experience.

  • Software, Distribution, Services and Manufacturing.

  • Systems, Financial, Operations, Mergers and Sales.

Jay Curry

Jay Curry

Jay has deep advisory experience including being a Big-4 consulting partner at two different firms and a Vistage Master Chair for 13 years.

He also co-founded and successfully operated Texas Business Radio.

He is the lead author of three best-selling books on computers and an award winning novelist.

Agop Karagoz

Agop Karagoz

Agop has over a decade of experience in the economic and business planning field.

His education includes getting his Masters Degree in Economics.

He supports the peer advisory groups within the meetings and also by answering administrative questions.

"Abunden helped fix a broken foundation that was impeding any effective growth."

Diego Ramirez, Owner, Stroke Scan Plus

"The night and day difference between before and after joining the Abunden group doesn’t get brought up enough."

Mark Vlaskamp, Managing Director, The Folde

"Thanks for taking our company
to another level."

Tania Dawood, Partner, Oaks Staffing

low risk, big benefits

Low Risk, Big Benefits

Follow these three easy steps to get started with your peer advisory roundtable group:

  1. Schedule a call - Let’s have a short conversation to find out if the group is a good fit for you.

  2. Learn how issues are discussed - Find out how you can receive (and share) powerful feedback on your issues.

  3. Visit a peer group meeting - See for yourself if an Abunden roundtable group will provide you value.

At Abunden we know that you want to unleash your CEO potential. In order to do that, you need feedback from people you respect. The problem is how do you find a group of people with the right experiences and attitudes to make you feel you are not alone so you can share your experiences.

We believe sharing experiences and being held accountable leads to building better businesses. We understand how lonely it can be leading your company, which is why we bring our decades of management experience in similar companies to bear on your issues.

Here’s how we do it:

1) Schedule a call
2) Learn how we work
3) Visit a group meeting

So, schedule a call to see if an Abunden peer advisor group is a fit for you. So your can stop feeling alone and stressed and instead feel connected to like-minded peers.

And in the meantime, check out our social media for stories about managing businesses like yours.

Join a Community of Peers.

What's important to you?

Are you looking to build connections with like-minded peers?

Are you looking for new perspectives to help you see options and opportunities?

Or are you more focused on making better decisions to grow the value of your business?

Are you ready to grow your business value by 2X? 5X? More?

Schedule a call to find your community.

Unleash Your CEO Potential

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