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Expand Your Opportunities
Expand Your Capacity
Expand Your Profits

The Rapidly Changing Economy is Creating Huge Opportunities

Learn how you can profit from these opportunities in the rapidly changing economic situation in our founder's book, Surfing Economic Chaos.

Abunden's Impact

Gain perspective on the opportunities from the massive changes in the world and US economy.

Find opportunities for your business  to profit from the huge changes in the American economy.

Reduce the stress and risks of profiting from these opportunities as your organization grows.

Real Profit Opportunities

Expand Your Opportunities

Jordan's services company used the planning program in 2021 and 2022 to identify a new software business model. The new business model has the potential to increase sales by $2,000,000 and increase profits by $400,000.

Expand Your Capacity

Maria's health care company implemented the Abunden management operating system in 2017 which resulted in less stress from managing operations. Their sales had been flat for several years through 2017, but grew by over $1,100,000 by 2019.

Expand Your Profits

Fernando's chemical company used Abunden's advisory services to navigate bank foreclosure, a fire and supply problems in 2021 and 2022. Abunden guided them to exit a market and change  pricing so they could grow quickly in 2023.


Are you striving to go from good to great in your business?

Or struggling to maintain profitable growth?

Abunden's packaged services help you find and capitalize on profitable opportunities. Or you can add personalized advisory services to any package.

Strategic Opportunity Planning

The Strategic Opportunity Planning Program offers your company a wide range of tools to identify opportunities, grow sales, increase profits and reduce risks.

Management Operating Systems

The Management Operating System Program guides companies as they implement a system to handle sales growth, increase profits and decrease the stresses of management.

Management Software Tools

The Management Software Tools support your planning and management efforts to cost effectively manage your opportunities, people and processes.


"Abunden guided us out of a major crisis situation back to solid profits and a growth mode."

General Manager

Felipe Guzman, PrimeEco

Find Your Profitable Opportunities

Abunden's Strategic Opportunity Planning Program is the only program specifically designed to find opportunities for small and medium size businesses in today's economic chaos.

Office Work

Manage Your Growth

A management system is a powerful set of tools manage a company as it grows beyond the ability of one person to keep track of everything happening. The Abunden Framework© management system reduces manager stress and improves your bottom line!

Management Software

The Abunden Management Toolbox Software is used in both programs to provide online tools to speed implementation and increase profits.

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