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Increase Your Profits by 20% 

  • Increase Gross Margins with Hyper-Targeted Pricing Strategy

  • Double Sales in Two Years with Scalable Management Systems

  • Prepare Your Company for Sale to Private Equity or Strategic Buyers

Karl Maier provides strategic financial guidance to companies in the Industrial / Energy Supply Chain to reach your goals more quickly

Grow Your Vision!

Knowing you have exceptional pricing strategies, management processes, financial forecasts and a high quality plan for reaching your financial goals bring piece of mind to grow with confidence.

Or Wonder What Hit You?

A Strategic CFO brings the ability to look into the future and see many possibilities which most managers never consider. Are you risking missing profits and hitting surprises that cause many businesses to stall or even fail?

Karl's Deep Experience Guides Future Growth

Karl Provides Strategic Guidance for Faster Growth and More Profits

A CFO can operate at several levels:

  • Strategic Value - Guides management to a new level of success.

  • Decision Support - Uses expertise for better management decisions.

  • Compliance - Provides reporting and controls to keep the business going.

Karl delivers value through strategy and decision support. 
He partners with controllers and bookkeepers to provide compliance services. 

Karl Maier

Karl Maier has found new profits and financing for business including private equity backed and family owned businesses ranging up to hundreds of million in sales.

He has guided lower middle market companies through rapid growth, turnarounds and financial restructuring. 

Over the course of his career, Karl has:

  • Full-time CFO for two rapidly growing companies

  • Decades of experience profitably growing companies

  • Founded a Business Intelligence (BI) company

  • Started career at EY Consulting; CPA for 30 years

  • MBA and his B.A. in Economics from Rice University

  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
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Karl Transforms Your Value

  • Pricing strategy and profit improvement at the transaction level

  • Performance tracking and incentives tied to efficient use of capital

  • Management systems and processes to enable safe, rapid sales growth

  • Fundraising, acquisition guidance and preparing for sale of business

Diego Ramirez, Owner, Stroke Scan Plus

"Abunden helped fix a broken foundation that was preventing growth or the sale of the business."

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